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Take-out menu

Silva’s BBQ offers an array of choices for any time of day. Check out our take-out menu and pick-up lunch or dinner today!

Family pack #1


Whole Chicken,
Small Potatoes,
Small Rice,
Medium Salad

Family pack #2


2 Whole Chickens,
Medium Potatoes,
Medium Rice,
Large Salad

Family pack #3


Whole Chicken,
Medium Penne,
Small Potatoes,
Medium Salad

Family pack #4


2 Whole Chickens,
Large Penne,
Medium Potatoes,
Large Salad


Calamari Rings (1 lb)7.95
Breaded Shrimp (6 per order)4.75
Carapaus Fritos – Fried Stickleback1.50
Sardinhas Grelhadas – Grilled Sardines1.50
Shrimp/Cod Patties1.50


call for availability and daily specials
tel: 905.270.9393


Garden Salad6.008.00
Caesar Salad7.009.00
Greek Salad8.0010.00
Been Salad4.005.507.00
Potato Salad5.007.009.00

Side Orders

Parisian Potatoes5.007.009.00
French Fries4.006.008.00


Whole BBQ or Rotisserie Chicken15.00
Half BBQ or rotisserie Chicken7.50
1/4 Breast4.50
1/4 Leg3.75
Chicken Wings (per lb.)11.75


Bifana – Pork cutlet w/ onions & peppers7.95
Chicken w/ lettuce, tomato & mayo7.95
Steak w/ onions & peppers7.95
Veal Parmesan7.95
Chicken Parmesan7.95
Fish cutlet w/lettuce, tomato & mayo7.95
extra toppings $0.50 each

A La Cart Meat Entrees

served with 2 sides choose from: fries, rice, potatoes, vegetables

Half Chicken12.75
Quarter Chicken Leg8.75
Quarter Chicken Breast9.75
Double Chicken Leg12.75
Double Chicken Breast13.75
Bitoque-8oz AAA Steak w/ a fried egg17.00
Espetada – Grilled Beef Chunks17.00
Grilled Pork Chops12.75
Febras Grelhadas – Grilled Pork Cutlet12.75
Veal Parmesan12.75
Chicken Parmesan12.75

a La Cart Fish Entrees

served with 2 sides choose from: fries, rice, potatoes, vegetables

Fish Fillet12.75
Lulas Grelhadas – Grilled Squid12.75
Grilled Fresh Fishmarket
Call for additional fish specials

A La Cart Pastas

made with penne

Milanese – tomato sauce7.959.95

All prices subject to change without notice.
Taxes included.